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Health & Safety

Select Health & Safety

At Select Bridges we take work site safety very seriously.

We therefore aim to have a workplace to be, as far as practicable, free from health and safety risks.

We are committed to:

  • achieving an accident free workplace
  • ensure compliance with legislative requirements
  • ensure that all personnel are adequately trained and suitably competent to carry out their work
  • identify all potential hazards in the workplace and put in place appropriate control measures to minimise their risks
  • ensure that all plant and equipment are maintained and controlled to enable safe operations on site

Select Quality Control

The Management of Select Bridges Ltd is committed to the delivery of works and services in compliance with quality requirements

In order to achieve this commitment, Management has set the following objectives to:

  • Comply with specified contractual requirements
  • Maintain Customer satisfaction
  • Complete all projects on time
  • Ensure that Company’s personnel are adequately trained and competent to perform their work
  • The provision of works and services of appropriate quality as defined by Customer specifications is of paramount importance and this goal will not be sacrificed

Select Environmental Policy

The Company is committed to prevention of pollution and continual improvement in the provision of building and civil construction services The Company will show a genuine respect for the environment by monitoring and reviewing the Company’s environmental performance in achieving prescribed environmental objectives and targets. The objectives of the Company’s environmental commitments will be fulfilled by the implementation of appropriate site specific Environmental Management Plans for each project to monitor and control all work processes so as not to harm the environment.

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“Nigel and the team at Select Bridges were quick and efficient at constructing the bridges on my property while maintaining a high level of safety and quality of work.”

Graeme Hargreaves, Paengaroa