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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you supply rural bridges to?

We cover the North Island and can supply bridges into the South Island as well.

What maximum distance can you span?

We can bridge any gap from 4 to 40 metres.

Will my new farm bridge require any sort of certification?

Yes, a Code of Compliance Certificate. This is a formal statement issued from the district or city council that building work carried out under a building consent complies with that building consent.
We can manage the building consent application and code of compliance.

How long does construction / installation take?

Typically a bridge will take between 2 to 3 weeks from initial construction beginnings to final completion.

Do I need resource consent for a new bridge?

You will quite often be required to obtain resource consent from the Regional Council if the new bridge is to be greater than 10m in length. We can however complete this consent application on your behalf.

Are you able to repair my existing bridge?

Yes, we can assess your existing bridge and determine if some of its components can be retained while repairing and replacing other parts of it.

Do bridges require hand rails?

Not always. But we typically put in put in pedestrian barriers which is defined as a post and rail system that restrains pedestrians/stock. They are normally 1.2m high and have spaces are not more than 300mm in at least one direction.

What sort of site access do you need?

Access for heavy machinery such as trucks, excavators and crane to at least one side of the bridge location is helpful.

What type bridge types do you construct?

Bridges with either steel or concrete beams.
Steel bridges would come with either wooden or concrete deck. Concrete surfaces come with broom finish for a non-slip surface.

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“We needed a new bridge on the farm. Select Bridges built us one and the tractors and trucks can go to the back of the farm.  Thank you Nigel and crew for a job well done to time and budget… Arie now thinks it’s one of the best things that he has purchased!”

Arie & Thea Rigter, Te Aroha